You’ve heard the advice write like you talk.

It’s smart advice.

Especially when you’re trying to attract more customers through your sales and marketing materials.


Because when you write like you talk, your message is easier to understand. Your writing flows more naturally. And your customers feel closer to you and your brand.

Writing like you talk is the first step in getting customers to know, like and trust you.

After all, we’d much rather have a chat with a good friend than be lectured to by a corporate bore. And even if you need to keep a professional relationship with your clients, you should still talk to them like a friend.

But just how do you write like you talk?

Well, there’s a bucketful of tricks you can use to loosen up your writing and make it sound more natural. One of the quickest and easiest tricks is to use contractions.

What are contractions?

A contraction is simply a shortened form of two or more words, using an apostrophe in place of the missing words.

For example: it’s, it’ll, I’ll, she’s we’re, they’ll, won’t…

Sometimes, it’s a shortened form of just one word, like when cannot becomes can’t or untilbecomes ’til.

A sentence with contractions creates a conversational tone and is much easier to read than one without.

Let’s take a look…

No contractions: You will not want to miss the special offer we are launching tomorrow.

With contractions: You won’t want to miss the special offer we’re launching tomorrow.

Here’s another example…

No contractions: It is a joy to have you as our guest. You will love it here.

With contractions: It’s a joy to have you as our guest. You’ll love it here.

Read these sentences out loud and see how they flow more easily with contractions.

So go through your sales copy and get free with your apostrophe key. Make that keystroke and see how much your writing improves.

That’s just one tip to help you write like you talk. I’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks.

If you can’t wait and want to discover more copywriting tips straightaway, go download my e-book 19 Quick Ways to Improve Any Piece of Sales Writing.

Thanks for reading. Now go write that copy and land more sales.