Take a look at your homepage copy.

Who does it talk about most? You and your business? Or your customer?

Well, if you want your website to connect with people and generate more leads, you need to make sure your homepage focuses on your customer – not you.

Why? Because your customer doesn’t really care about your business.

That might sound harsh.

But it’s true.

Your customer’s main concern is how you can solve their immediate problem. They want to know how your product or service will help them. Not that you’re passionate about making widgets or that Uncle Joe set up the business in 1992.

Talking about yourself is an easy trap to fall into. After all, you’re passionate about your business and it’s natural to want to shout about all the great things you can do.

Don’t worry. You can still get that across while making the copy about your customer.

The first step is to take a look at your homepage with a critical eye. The following phrases are a big clue that you’re talking about yourselves, rather than the customer:

Our aim is to…

Our ethos…

Our team…

We have a wealth of experience…

We believe…

Now try rewriting the copy, replacing ‘we’ and ‘our’ for ‘you’ and ‘your’. Of course, you’ll need to completely restructure the sentences to do this but the exercise will force you to see things from your customer’s point of view, rather than your own.

Remember, using the word you grabs your reader’s attention. It instantly livens up your copy and stops it being boring.

Here’s an example.

Say you were offering online tools to help people manage their household finances. One way to write the homepage copy would be from the company’s point of view, like this…

At ABC Finance, we have a wealth of experience in financial planning. Our aim is to help people take control of their money and to do this, we’ve created a range of online tools. 

See how this copy includes we and our three times? By making the company the subject, the copy is boring and doesn’t connect with the reader.

A better way would be to make the customer the centre of the story, addressing the concerns they have and offering a solution. Like this…

Are you fed up of being broke? Tired of worrying about your finances?

Good news! We’ve got a range of online tools that make managing your money easy.

See how using you and your instantly changes the tone of the copy in the second example? Not only does it feel more personal and relaxed but it grabs the reader’s attention and shows that the company understands the challenges they are facing.

Now it’s over to you. Go take a look at your homepage right now. See whether it’s talking about you or your customer. If the focus is on you, try rewriting it from your customer’s perspective.

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Thanks for reading. Now go write that copy and reel in those sales.