SEO Copywriter

SEO copywriting has come a long way in recent years (thank goodness). It’s no longer about stuffing your keywords into the page in the hope that it will impress Google. The challenge now is to write great content that will appeal to your human visitors first and foremost. Get this right and the SEO will come naturally.

By providing your audience with information that is relevant and useful, you’ll attract more visitors and encourage them to link to and share your content – which in turn will boost your SEO rankings.

Of course, understanding how your customers think when it comes to the words they use to search is still important. As an SEO copywriter I’ll help you identify the right words and phrases to target and ensure they are seamlessly incorporated into your content. This way, the content will be engaging while still ticking all the SEO boxes.

I regularly attend SEO workshops and conferences to keep up-to-date with all the latest changes in SEO. As an SEO copywriter I’ll provide you with well-written content that’s tailored to your specific keywords. If you’re not sure what keywords you should be targeting, that’s no problem; I can conduct keyword analysis in your particular industry sector.

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