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Your online privacy is important and I do not store or share any personal information about you when you visit this website.

If you contact me via the website contact form or via email, I will keep your details and correspondence so that I can reply to you and keep a record of our conversations. I will never share your information with third parties without gaining your permission first and I will never use your details for commercial gain.

How this site uses cookies

The only cookies that I knowingly use on this website are Google Analytics cookies. Google Analytics provides useful information about how people use this website. This helps me to improve the website for all users. I don’t track personally identifiable information through Google Analytics but instead use it to look at broad trends.

Removing cookies

You can remove cookies from your computer at any time via your own web browser. You will usually find the option to manage cookies in either the ‘Privacy’ or ‘Options’ tabs within your web browser.

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