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Harrogate or Hawaii, Leeds or Louisiana – does it really matter where you are based when you are a copywriter?

One of the great things about being a freelance copywriter is that you can run your business from almost anywhere on earth. As long as you have an internet connection, it doesn’t matter if your clients are in the next town or on the other side of the globe.

I’m a copywriter in Harrogate but I work with clients from all across the UK. I’ve written about tourist destinations across the country from Edinburgh to Devon and for food and drink producers both north and the south. My Yorkshire copywriter clients include web designers, accountants and photographers while my London-based clients include fashion designers, investment companies and estate agents. I also work with nationwide brands and have even written promotional copy for an international racing driver.

So although I often describe myself as a Harrogate copywriter – I’ve never felt limited when it comes to finding new clients. And so if you’re looking for a career without geographical barriers, I’d say copywriting is a good choice.

But are there times when location does matter? Would I rather be a Harrogate copywriter or a Hawaii copywriter? Well, although the thought of blogging from the beach is appealing, I’m happy to stick with being a copywriter in Harrogate for now. Here are some of the things that makes Harrogate a great place to be a copywriter:

Location, location, location
Harrogate has an enviable position in North Yorkshire, close to both Leeds and York. In just 30 minutes I can be in either of these two cities and often work with clients from Leeds and York. True; much of my work can be conducted by phone and email but it’s still always nice to meet clients face-to-face. Good rail links make it easy to get to London and back in a day too.

Networking opportunities
Love it or hate it, networking is essential for most new businesses and in the early days of my business, it was great to be able to get out and about and meet other local business owners. Harrogate offers many different lively networking groups from those that meet over breakfast to evening events and women’s networking groups.

Great partners and suppliers
When working with designers, developers and PR agencies, it’s great to keep things local and Harrogate has plenty of top-class digital and marketing agencies.

Beautiful surroundings
Sometimes it’s nice to get out from behind the desk and when it comes to places to write, I’m spoilt for choice in Harrogate. From coffee shops to Harrogate’s beautiful three-storey library, there’s always somewhere to spend an enjoyable hour or two writing. And of course, on a sunny day, what could be better than sitting outdoors amidst the beautiful Yorkshire landscape?

So there you go – when it comes to copywriting, location isn’t vital but if you’re able to base yourself in a location that provides great opportunities and beautiful scenery it is definitely a bonus.

Is location important for your business? Tell me about where you live and work in the comments below.